UAE tops world on 5 well-being measures

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Gallup’s 2018 World Poll results culled from survey of 160 countries

Uhoud Khalfan Al Roumi tours an exhibition in Dubai.

Uhoud Khalfan Al Roumi tours an exhibition in Dubai.

20/03/2019, Wednesday – Dubai: What makes the UAE a big draw for people from around the world?The answer, in a word, is “well-being.”Breaking it down into various parameters, or “domains” — safety, quality healthcare, paytoll-to-population index, communications, quality of roads and highways, preserving the environment, freedom to make personal choices, among others — a global well-being survey placed the UAE among the Top 10 in the world.Gallup’s 2018 World Poll ranked the UAE based on key well-being indicators, which tracked the opinion people in 160 countries have on what matters most to them. Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Happiness and Wellbeing, and Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office, affirmed that the UAE’s advanced ranking on the indicators reflects the country’s focus on enhancing well-being across all sectors.Al-Roumi highlighted the efforts of all government, private, community and academic organisations in the UAE as being the driving force behind this achievement, which reflects the vision and directions of the UAE leadership.The UAE topped the “Availability of Quality Healthcare” metric globally, moving to the highest rank from last year when it came in second. This reflects the continuous efforts by the country’s leadership to develop this vital sector.Efforts to preserve the environment also confirms the government’s important role in responding to climate change challenges and protecting the environment.Meanwhile, the “Full-time Employment Ratio” and the “Payroll-to-Population Index” reflect the UAE’s leadership as an attractive environment for minds and talents from around the world.

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