Learning through play is crucial for child development

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Dubai Cares participated at the Emirates Airline Literature Festival for the first time

11/03/2019,Monday – Dubai: Dubai Cares participated for the first time in the Emirates Airline Literature Festival by hosting an activity that promoted learning through play in the early years of children.

The event aimed to show that playing is an important part of children’s early development, allowing them to develop many skills such as language skills, emotions, creativity and social skills.

It also helps to nurture imagination and gives children a sense of adventure. The early childhood games are therefore vital to setting the foundations for formal education.

Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Communications Manager at Dubai Cares, said the festival is the perfect place that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together from different parts of the world to promote education, reading and writing.

“Just like good nutrition, playing not only stimulates children’s minds but it also gives them a sense of adventure, makes them more resilient, bigger risk-takers and allows them to explore the world. By having our stand at the Emirates Airline Literature Festival, our objective is to raise awareness among members of the UAE community about the positive impact of learning through play on children’s development as it empowers them to become creative and engaged lifelong learners.”

Courtsy : Gulfnews

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