Watch: Emirates plane braves strong winds as it attempts to land

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Video captures moment world’s biggest plane buffeted by dangerously strong winds

Pilots finally manage to land world's biggest plane after being buffeted by strong winds.

Pilots finally manage to land world’s biggest plane after being buffeted by strong winds.

08-01-2019,Tuesday-Dubai: An Emirates plane has recently braved maddening winds while attempting to land at an airport in the United Kingdom.

The Airbus A380 was coming to land at the Birmingham airport on Sunday morning amid strong winds that had forced other passenger aircraft to divert to other airports. The winds were moving in the direction of inbound flights.

A video of the incident, posted on Youtube, shows the world’s largest commercial passenger plane being buffeted by crosswinds.

But unlike the other planes that had earlier aborted the landing attempt, Emirates’ pilots managed to touch down safely on a heavily drenched runway.

“This was a day when the wind grew stronger as it moved towards crosswind direction, finally erupting as shown [in the video],” a description of the video reads.

“The avalanche of reverse thrust spray capped the Emirates giant’s performance.”

The clip, shared by aviation website flugsnug, also shows two other planes– UK regional airline Flybe’s Embraer and Easyjet’s A320 — aborting attempts to land at the same airfield due to severe weather.

Courtesy : Gulfnews

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