The story of Julian and Julia

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The power of talking and the merits of listening can manifest in many different ways



Gaston Fourt

Year 9, GEMS First Point School The Villa

This is the story of a boy, Julian, who listens, and a girl, Julia, who talks. When Julian was little, he had difficulties in relationships with people, including his family which pushed him to go to school to meet people, make friends and learn. It was also to provide him with experience of talking to people, to ensure that he won’t suffer a lonely childhood. After a while, his teachers told his parents that he was growing an abnormal intelligence. He could understand and learn faster than others. Furthermore his teachers had been teaching for more than a decade and had never seen anything like this.

“Your boy solves complex problems that students from the older grades can’t solve”, proclaimed his Math teacher.

“He writes like a young author,” exclaimed his English teacher.

“Julian is special, promise you’ll take good care of him,” asked his Form tutor.

Although his parents and teachers couldn’t uncover where he acquired the knowledge, Julian did. He received it from reading books one after the other in the library. In 6th grade, Julian bumped into Julia as he was heading to class. She was the “cool” girl of the year, however she wasn’t bright-minded, but she could manipulate people from her experience with relationships.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!”, Julia argued.

Julian stuttered, “I-I’m sorry I-I was-”. Her friend muttered in her ear in disgust, “It’s that weird kid from 6th grade”.

“Is he now?” Julia questioned herself.

“Hey, what’s your name, kid?” Julia asked. “J-Julian”, Julian replied with effort.

“Funny…our names are similar”, Julia thought, wrapping her arm around his shoulders “(Yawn) Well Julian, I’ve got a feeling we’re going to be good friends,” Julia smirked.

“And by the way, the name’s Julia,” she winked.

Years flew by, she was helping him talk to people, although she didn’t want to. One day, Julian was looking for her until she suddenly flung her hand upwards and said “Stop!” and walked towards Julian saying, “Kid, remember that day you and I met? Well… ever since that day, I’ve been using you and now your use has expired.”

“A-are you saying that you’re leaving me?! B-but I thought we were friends?!”

“Not anymore, and never were.” Just like that, she turned her back on him and walked off. Once Julian faded out of her sight, she felt like there was a hole in her heart.

If I had to learn a language, it would be…

Japanese as I have always been interested in living in Japan because of its unique culture, technological advancements and talent when it comes to creating impactful stories. Being able to speak Japanese would allow me to immerse myself within this culture and be a part of writing and animating these powerful tales.”


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