When robots will be part of our daily life

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Show at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival tracks evolution of robots and artificial intelligence

Sharjah, April 19- Tiny robots will perform surgery inside our bodies and humans will colonise Mars, envisions The Future Machine at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF), which opened on Wednesday.

The exhibit, located in Hall 2 at Expo Centre Sharjah, is a key feature of SCRF this year. It is designed as a walk-through that shows the evolution of robots and artificial intelligence since their early forms. The show also speculates what the future might hold for such technology.

 Robots will assist nurses and doctors in their duties, not replace them, the exhibit suggests. There will be microscopic ‘nanobots’ that will be injected into our blood vessels, travelling to the site where small-scale, delicate surgery is required.

One robot, the ‘Cafebot’, is already a reality at the show — the robotic arm selects visitors’ coffee of choice on a vending machine and serves it to them.

There are also life-size replicas of famous robots or humanoids from popular Hollywood movies, such as the Iron Man suit and Robocop’s body parts.

In a section dedicated to Mars, which has long fascinated space scientists seeking life on other planets and those who want to see humans colonise other worlds, visitors can get a virtual reality experience of the Martian surface.

Courtesy: Gulf News

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