RAK Hospital surgeon saves life of a young Omani mother

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Key hole surgery conducted to seal a ruptured colon

RAK Hospital surgeon saves life of a young Omani mother

RAK Hospital

Dubai,September 13 -Timely laproscopic surgery by surgeons at RAK Hospital helped resolve a post delivery abdominal pain and saved the life of an Omani woman who was suffering from an inflamed gall bladder and rupture of the colon.

Dr Anup Kumar Panigrahi, Specialist and Head of Department, Minimal Access Surgery, RAK Hospital said that the 24-year-old Omani woman (name withheld on request) who had delivered her baby two weeks ago, was rushed to RAK hospital from Oman, complaining of severe pain on the right side of her abdomen. She was also feverish and suffering from nausea and had been vomiting intermittently.

“Ultrasound report at RAK Hospital revealed gall bladder inflammation, with fluid accumulation in the peritoneal cavity and around the chest,” said Dr Panigrahi, while discussing the case, “Further laparoscopic findings suggested a pierced colon with the right side of her colon as pre-gangrenous. The patient immediately underwent surgery where the right side of her colon was removed, and then the remaining portion was attached to the small intestine. An opening was surgically created – also known as stoma – in the large intestine to allow faeces removal out of the body,” said Dr Panigrahi.

Given the critical condition of the patient, the complicated surgery took almost six hours to complete. However, since it was a key-hole – or non-invasive – operation, the patient was able to recover quickly, and now plans to return to RAK Hospital for the closure of stoma, later. Dr Panigrahi added: “This is the beauty of laparoscopic surgery which shortens the operation time with minimum blood flow, speeds up the recovery process, allowing patients to return to their normal routine earlier.”

Among post partum complications faced by women, abdominal pain is generally common, since it indicates the shrinking and contracting of the uterus back to its normal size. However, if it continues for long durations and is accompanied by pain in right shoulder and back, tenderness over abdomen, nausea, vomiting and fever, this could be a sign of inflammation of the gallbladder.

Dr Raza Seddiqi, CEO Arabian Healthcare Group and Executive Director, RAK Hospital, said: “Once again, the surgical team at RAK Hospital has made the institution proud.”

Courtesy : Gulf News

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