British Embassy launches campaign for new expats in UAE

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‘Checking In’ campaign for newly arrived Brits ensures all boxes are ticked to ensure smooth arrivals

Dubai,September 13 – Late summer usually signifies the high-water mark for new UK expatriate entries into the UAE as many choose to arrive just before the new school season begins to enrol their children in schools across the country.

To meet demand for consular services ahead of time, the British Embassy in UAE has launched a new online campaign “Checking In” to ensure smooth arrivals for British nationals who have recently relocated to UAE.

UK Ambassador to the UAE Philip Parham said in a statement the timing is perfect for the new campaign as a new wave of British expats arrive in the country.

“This is the time of year when we see the greatest number of British nationals moving to the UAE. It is great to welcome them to join our 120,000-strong community here. Some of them may not be aware of the length of time it takes to become established in the UAE and the paperwork and licences that need to be obtained,” he said.

“This campaign aims to highlight the most important issues. I would also advise any British national coming to the UAE to check our Travel Advice, and our linked advice on Living in the UAE, and to sign up to our consular newsletter by sending an email to”

According to a statement on Tuesday sent by the British Embassy, the “Checking In” campaign provides a checklist of the most important things that need to be done when arriving in the UAE.

The checklist includes — among other tasks — obtaining residency visas, health insurance, an emirates ID card, UAE driving licences, bank accounts and an alcohol licence.

The “Checking In” campaign has been running all week on the Embassy’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This campaign follows the Embassy’s very popular “Checking Out” campaign earlier this year which offered advice for those departing the UAE.

Courtesy : Gulf News

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